The course is divided into 12 modules, covering the full range of EU competition law and economics issues: joint ventures and horizontal cooperation agreements, vertical agreements and distribution networks, cartels, abuses of a dominant position, mergers and acquisitions, State aid, etc.

With 15 hours of taught seminar for each learning block, this programme seeks to offer the strongest possible training in the various disciplines of competition policy. Moreover, most learning blocks are placed under the aegis of both a lawyer and an economist in order to fully embrace the ever growing multidisciplinary nature of competition law enforcement.

1 General Introduction to Competition Law and Economics
2 The Law and Economics of Cartel Agreements
3 The Law and Economics of Horizontal Cooperation Agreements and Joint Ventures
4 The Law and Economics of Vertical Restraints
5 The Law and Economics of Abuse of Dominance
6 The Law and Economics of Merger Control
7 The Law and Economics of State Aid and other Anti-Competitive State Interventions
8 The Procedural and Institutional Framework of EU Competition Enforcement
9 EU Competition Law and Intellectual Property
10 Competition Law and the Regulation of Network Industries
11 National Competition Law
12 Consumer Protection and and Unfair Trading Practices