fleche Timetable

The LL.M. programme covers a full academic year. It starts in October 2010 and ends in June 2011.

The course is divided into 12 “learning blocks”, covering the full range of EU competition law and economics issues (see 'programme of the LL.M.'). Each learning block takes place over a period of three weeks, with three weekly lectures on Friday afternoons from 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. (lunch + 5 hours + breaks).

N.B. The LL.M. programme is geared towards the requirements of working professionals. Applicants may decide to follow only part of the LL.M programme, and choose a limited range of learning blocks which correspond to their main areas of interest.

fleche Assessment

Students will be assessed at the end of each learning block. Students must pass 9 out of the 12 learning blocks, and submit a dissertation in order to obtain the LL.M in EU competition law and economics.

Assessments will typically take the form of case studies, related to the lectures and materials delivered in class. Students will receive an exam form on the Monday following the end of a learning block. Students must return their written exam by the following Monday morning (8.00 am).

Students must also write a short dissertation of 45 pages max. (Times new roman 12, 1.5 interlining) on a topic to be selected from a list proposed by the various lecturers.

Students who do not pass nine learning blocks in total will receive a certificate.

Attending the various learning blocks of the LL.M. programme provides a right to continuing professional development (“CPD”) points from the relevant authorities (OBFG, OVB, IEC, IRE, etc.)

fleche Teaching materials

Students will receive a “documentation pack” comprising an outline of their course and relevant regulations, case-law and scholarly literature. This documentation pack will be available a week before each learning block, with possible reading assignments.