The BSC in a Nutshell


Home to the European Commission, meeting forum for national competition enforcers, seat of the European headquarters of major Belgian and foreign businesses, law firms and economic consultancies, Brussels ranks undeniably as one of the world’s major antitrust capitals. The BSC intends to capitalize on this vast wealth of competition knowledge to offer in Brussels a unique, high-profile study programme in EU competition law and economics.

Over the past years, demand for professional training in competition law (conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.) has increased exponentially, driven to a large extent by the challenges posed by (i) the growing influence of economic theory in competition proceedings; and (ii) the importance of competition “compliance” for companies. In addition, in the current economic context, competition lawyers have been eager to supplement their substantive knowledge and hone their professional skills.

In response to such demand, and more fundamentally, in a bid to help the business community tackle the considerable economic risks posed by competition law enforcement, the FEB and Professor Nicolas Petit (University of Liège) have decided to establish the Brussels School of Competition (BSC). The BSC’s primary purpose is to organize, from 2010 onwards, a high profile, specialized course (in English) in Competition Law and Economics.


Philippe Lambrecht President of the BSC
Philippe Lambrecht

Secretary General, FEB

Charlie Gheur Director of the BSC
Charles Gheur

Advisor, FEB

Nicolas Petit Director of the BSC
Nicolas Petit

Professor, University of Liège

Pierre Sabbadini Manager of the BSC
Pierre Sabbadini